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Center For Training & Development

The Center for Training and Professional Development (CTPD) was established to institutionalize a university-wide continuing training and development program for its academic and non-academic personnel, students and other stakeholders (Urdaneta City University [UCU] Charter, 2021; University Code, 2021).
Its added mission is “to keep the same people abreast with the continuing changes and challenges in the industry of learning.” Training and development refer to the formal ongoing efforts that are made within organizations to improve the performance and self-fulfillment of employees through a variety of educational methods and programs (Jacob, 2003).
Hence, the university offers continual learning through the CTPD to promote employees’ professional growth resulting to highly skilled work force that can ensure a long-term organizational success.


A center providing quality assured professional development trainings for UCU workforce: keeping up with globally competitive education.


To provide exceptional, versatile, innovative, outcome-based to a diverse professional discipline in support of the organization’s commitment to conveying competency-based training and development.


1. To instill active involvement in various fields of career growth among individuals in the university that will bring out the best in them.

2. To provide self-motivated trainings and professional development programs.

3. To form external partnerships and linkages in training and development.


1. Provide quality, cost-effective, innovative, and diverse professional career plans to increase individual and organizational performance.

2. Create scientific-based programs that bring out the best in all individuals.

3. Establish innovative and diverse programs that value professional growth in support of the organization’s commitment to student and employee development, partnerships, and organizational enrichment.


Training and development can be defined as any activity designed to help individuals become more effective at their work by improving, updating, or refining their knowledge and skills. It encompasses a range of activities including, for example, involvement in various projects, attendance at training courses, conferences, or seminars, visitation to other organizations, work shadowing, formal study, coaching, and mentoring.

The university believes that training and development is a continuous process. There is an expectation that staff will keep abreast of developments within their area of expertise.


Central to all CTPD activities are the ICE core values:

1. Integrity. Stand firmly on moral principle, honesty and sincerity with the spirit of nobility guided by the ideals of truthfulness.


2. Commitment. Embrace transformation characterized by dedication, perseverance and a belief in the ability of every individual to achieve excellence despite differences.


3. Ethics. Uphold ethics-based professional training and development guided by a strong moral compass characterized by honor and excellence.


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