Core Values :: Urdaneta City University

Core Values

In homage to the founder of the institution, UCU launched in 2020 the Dr. Pedro T. Orata Nobility Program. This program recognizes the important contribution of Dr. Orata in the Philippine educational landscape and the spirit of nobility that underlies his legacies. To enable the UCU community in fostering the spirit of nobility, four values were identified as integral in the formation of a UCU student. As such, all activities and programs of the university revolve around the four core values of UCU: integrity, competence, teamwork, and transcendence. Each of the values is discussed below.



True UCUians imbued with the spirit of nobility live their lives guided by the ideals of honesty and authenticity. Their words and actions consistently reveal their commitment to decency and honor. They pursue the path of truth even if this were the less popular choice.



Passion for excellence drives noble persons to shine in their chosen craft. They do not settle for mediocrity and capacitate themselves with the requisite know-how and skills to establish their expertise and credibility in their discipline. They continue the pioneering character of Dr. Pedro Orata by spearheading innovations while building on traditions of excellence.



The spirit of nobility moves UCUians to cooperate with other members of the university in realizing a common goal. With humility, they accept that each member of the UCU community will work together, each one bringing his or her own capabilities to actualize the university’s vision. Noble UCUians seek and pursue to achieve unity in any area or situation, understanding that “two is better than one,” and that the best outcomes almost always happen in the spirit of cooperation.



Noble UCUians are selfless stewards of goodness and compassion to their fellow human beings, to the school, to the community, and to those in need—prioritizing the cause of others before theirs, willing to accept, do, and get the job done without expecting recompense. Going beyond self-actualization, they aim to reach their full potential to best serve noble causes beyond the self.